Citāti no grāmatas "Mobile Design and Development"

Deniss Fedotovs (deni2s), 22.11.2010., 15:14

Lasot dažādas tehniskas grāmatas, kādas pēdējā laikā sanāk lasīt, ir patīkami uzdurties dažām vispārīgām atziņām, kuras atšķirībā no aprakstītajām konkrētajām tehniski/praktiskajām lietām, ir aktuālas daudz ilgāk.

Citāti no "Mobile Design and Development: Practical Concepts and Techniques for Creating Mobile Sites and Web Apps" by Brian Fling, 2009:

We have endured years of bold and and usually unfilled claims that come from the tech sector. We've been promised that the Web will make our lives easer, but aren't we seeing the oposite reaction? Our lives are becoming so infused with information that it becomes overhelming and even stressfull just to keep up - an icreasing problem called information overload.


The problem: the Web of today is wide, but not deep. Although we have access to enormous amounts of information, the majority of it isn't meaningfull. It lacks depth and value for our lives. For example, according to an October 2008 Nielsen report, the average person in the United States looks at 76 web pages per day, spending an average of 55 seconds per page. The short duration suggests short information-gathering tasks, idle browsing, or a more severe problem with the Web: distrust.


Web content expert Gerry McGovern describes it this way:

People are more skeptical about content online than offline. People basically view the Internet as a dumping ground for content. There's some great stuff, sure. However, it is vastly outweighed by baddly written, out-of-date, inaccurate, and sometimes deliberately misleading content.


We are inherently social beings. We actively seek connections with people every day. The Web is supposed to bring us together, but people feel more isolated than ever. In a survey conducted in 1985, respondents said that they had at least three close friends they felt they could talk to about important issues. In 2006, a Duke University study found that the number of friends people felt they could talk to was down to two people, and 25 percent stated they had no close friends at all.

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