Stulbie cilvēki internetā

Deniss Fedotovs (deni2s), 07.02.2010., 00:59

Džeikobs rullē! Kā lai, izlasot šādus glaimus, nelasa Džeikobu?

At the extreme, only about 4% of the population has enough brainpower to perform complex cognitive tasks such as making high-level inferences using specialized background knowledge. Most likely, you're in this elite group. And, worse yet, so are many other members of your Internet team. (And the rest are definitely in the top 25%, which is also much better than average users.)

That your own short-term memory may hold two more items than most users' might not seem like a lot. But if your website blocks off short-term memory slots by requiring users to remember extraneous information, a little extra STM capacity can make all the difference in usability. You still have enough spare slots to think about the product line, but if your customers exhaust their brain capacity, they'll find your site very frustrating indeed.

(07.12.2009, Jakob Nielsen, Short-Term Memory and Web Usability)

Some people are smarter than others. Most readers of this column probably belong to the top 10% of the population in terms of intelligence. From such a vantage point, it is easy to think of other people as being stupid. But perhaps it is more fair and more accurate (not to mention more productive) to assume that the other 90% of the population form the mainstream audience. Not that they are stupid.

(04.02.2001, Jakob Nielsen, Are Users Stupid?)

Ievērojiet, ka par gandrīz 10 gadiem Džeikoba lasītāji ir izkristalizējušies (evolucionējuši?) no top 10% uz top 4% ;) Un vēl no tā paša raksta:

As the Internet keeps growing, it will reach ever-broader segments of the population. Five years from now we might in fact have people online who could be indelicately described as stupid.

(04.02.2001, Jakob Nielsen, Are Users Stupid?)

Tas izskaidro 6% starpību 10 gados :D

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